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Pine Cove Outback

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Pine Cove Outback is a Christian summer camp in Columbus, Texas for children ages 11-14. Pine Cove employs college students as summer staff, and seeks to serve and engage both campers and parents.

Campers: Pine Cove desires to use social media as a visual reminder for campers of what they learned at camp.

College Staff: During the school year, Pine Cove recruits hundreds of college students to work at camp. Social media is used as a recruiting tool.

Parents: Social media is the primary form of communication with parents while their children are at camp. Photos and updates are posted daily during the summer, and reminders are posted throughout the year.

To adhere to the Pine Cove motto, engaging with the audience's spiritual lives and focusing on the fun of camp.

Vertical Ministries

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Vertical Ministries was created as a non-denominational, student led ministry that seeks to challenge college students to actively pursue an authentic and “vertical” relationship with God.

Students: Most followers are ages 18-22, and attend Baylor University or another university in the Central Texas area.

Parents & Donors: Vertical is a non-profit, and social media is used to connect to parents and donors who seek to partner with us in ministry and keep up with the latest happenings.

To connect with a young adult following by utilizing high-quality media with relevant information and encouragement, and to build the platform as a resource for the spiritual lives of students.

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